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The movers and shakers

Kai Hollmann:

"The underlying concept of PIERDREI can readily be summed up: we deliver high-quality design and a captivating story for extremely reasonable prices. That can be felt not only in each of our 212 rooms, but also in all its public areas. We wish to create a lively spot. Not only for guests from Germany and abroad, but also for Hamburg and all its inhabitants."


Frederik Braun:

"We are all joined in our love for places with that special something and creative gimmickry. That's exactly what you can find all around at PIERDREI. All in all we have spent nearly seven years working together on this vision of ours, creating a most affectionate and playfully designed location."


Sebastian Drechsler:

"Our KITCHENS are a place we fashioned where the choicest flavours of the world gather in Hamburg. It’s a restaurant for explorers, without any chi-chi, but with a whole lot of cheerfulness and people with intriguing personalities. It’s an establishment that brings life to HafenCity. "


And if by chance you need even MORE inspiration, visit the harbour showplace:

Norbert Aust:

"Our petite harbour stage offers concerts, poetry readings and minor theatrical spectacles. But in addition it is one of the most creative and unique venues that Hamburg offers for holding conventions and giving lectures."


Gerrit Braun:

"In most hotels, children and youth are at loose ends, have nothing to do and are bored to tears whenever their parents slip off for an intimate evening together. That doesn't happen here - after all, we're just big kids ourselves and we know exactly how to have a lark!"

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