PIERDREI during Storm Surge

PIERDREI Foto Sturmflut

PIERDREI during Storm Surge

PIERDREI Foto Sturmflut

PIERDREI during Storm Surge

PIERDREI Foto Sturmflut


We come from Hamburg – a a little rain won‘t melt us


This saying expresses the Hamburg attitude to life and the way we deal with the whims of the weather. We find a way to enjoy life, even if the rain occasionally rushes horizontally through the city.

But due to Hamburg‘s location in the shallow north of Germany between the Baltic- and the North sea, directly on the Elbe river, Hamburg has learned to deal with the forces of nature. Influenced by seasonal weather conditions, storm surges regularly occur in Hamburg during the fall and winter months.

This is by no means uncommon though. The spectacular pictures of the historical fish auction hall standing in the water at the Hamburg Fish Market are certainly not unfamiliar to most people.

The PIERDREI, with it‘s location in the HafenCity district, directly opposite the Speicherstadt, the historical warehouse district, is also located in the flood zone, but still much higher than the Hamburg Fish Market.

For you to continue to have a great stay in our dream house, we come prepared for the situation and already made various arrangements.

Any questions you may have are answered below.

Flooding at PIERDREI – starting from which height?

The level of a storm surge must reach 5.94 meters above sea level to even reach the main entrance of the PIERDREI. This case is extremely rare and has occurred only twice within the past six years (as of October 2023). In both cases, the force of the storm surge ended just outside our door, so there was no damage.

What happens when the hotel is threatened with flooding?

Flood protection officers constantly monitor what is happening and inform potentially affected property users as well as the flood protection teams (external service providers). Those professionally seal flood-prone entrances to the building with so-called dam beams if there is a risk of flooding.

How do I behave properly during a flood?

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Do not stay in the underground parking garage.
  3. Do not enter or drive on flooded or partially flooded streets.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the announcements made by the emergency services and also those of the hotel team which is in regular contact with the city's flood protection officers..

You can get more information about the water levels here.

How will I be informed about the storm surge?

Our team will let you know ahead of time when a possible flood is announced.

In addition, you can download the NINA app to receive information independently.

During a stay at high water, different warnings are given depending on the level. You can find the different warning levels here.

In this PDF document you will find the information in a short version.

You are welcome to read more information on this page.

Underground car park - in and out - is that possible?

Most storm surges and flood situations do not affect our hotel at all.

However, as soon as there is a threat to the hotel and the entrances, including the entrance to the underground car park, are tightly closed by the external flood protection teams, there is no way to drive in or out of the underground car park.

Arrival at high tide – do I have to stay outside

No, you do not have to stay outside.

There is a second entrance at the back of the house (our piazza) through the THREE FINGERS BAR.

This entrance is much higher than the one at the front and is therefore flood-proof.

Flood and other emergencies – what happens?

The PIERDREI Hotel has two smoke-proof staircases, the legal signage of escape routes and an escape balcony at the level of the second floor.

If there should be an additional fire alarm during a storm surge it is ensured that our guests are guided to the escape balcony via the escape staircases and escape routes and over to the flood-proof area behind the building.


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