PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity 

is a lively and livable place. Not just for guests from home and abroad, but for Hamburg and all Hamburg residents.


We want to be successful in the long term and are aware of our responsibility to constantly question our actions in social, ecological and economic terms and to optimize them wherever possible.


We take economic aspects into account and rely on effective quality management in order to meet the expectations of our guests. We strive to provide excellent service and a pleasant stay for our guests.


We respect and respect fundamental human rights in all our activities and relationships. Every guest, employee, supplier and service provider is treated with dignity and respect.1


We adhere to the core standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO*) to ensure fair and safe working conditions for our employees. We promote equal opportunities, diversity and a healthy work-life balance.


Protecting our environment is important to us. We minimize our ecological footprint through efficient use of resources, energy savings and the use of environmentally friendly technologies. We strive to reduce waste and promote recycling.


At PIERDREI we focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable purchasing of capital goods, food, beverages, building materials and consumer goods. We prefer fair trade products, local and regional suppliers and ecologically certified products.


We are developing our own risk and crisis management system for our hotel that takes ecological, social and economic risks into account. We strive to take early measures to avoid risks and to find effective solutions in the event of a crisis.


We actively support social and sustainable development initiatives in our community. Through partnerships and donations, we commit to local projects and help bring about positive change.


We recognize the importance of the socio-cultural aspects of the tourism value chain. We respect local culture and work closely with the community to promote cultural exchange and create a positive impact on the local economy.


We strive for efficiency and continuous improvement to strengthen our market position. We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and use processes for quality assurance and sustainable development.


We ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. We take steps to protect your health and safety by providing training, appropriate work equipment and protective equipment. We promote respectful interaction with one another and value the well-being of our employees. Through regular reviews and feedback processes, we ensure continuous improvement of working conditions. Our goal is to create a positive work atmosphere where everyone feels valued and safe.


1Male form used for reasons of better readability refers equally to men, women and miscellaneous.