Everything important about our sweepstakes

Conditions of participation and data protection

Our sweepstakes are run by ABH Besucherhaus GmbH, Am Sandtorkai 46, 20457 Hamburg, Germany.
Participation in our competitions is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods or services. By participating in the sweepstakes, the respective person agrees to both the following conditions of participation and data protection.
1. who can participate?
Persons residing in Germany who are of legal age at the time of participation, i.e. at least 18 years old, are eligible to participate.
2. who is excluded from participation?
PIERDREI Hotel is entitled to exclude individual persons from participation if there are justified reasons, such as violation of these conditions of participation, manipulation, use of unauthorized aids, etc., and reserves the right to take legal action. If necessary, prizes may also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.
Employees of ABH Besucherhaus GmbH, other persons involved in the conception and implementation of this competition as well as participating cooperation partners and their relatives are excluded from participation.
Untrue personal details may result in the respective person being excluded from the competition.
Sweepstakes clubs as well as automated sweepstakes services are not eligible to participate. Entries that violate the Instagram guidelines, German law or copyright will be excluded from the prize after becoming known.
The legal process is excluded.
During which period does the competition take place?
The time frame defined in each sweepstakes call applies to the respective sweepstakes.
4. how does the participation take place?
Participation in the sweepstakes takes place by performing the action required for participation in due time by one person, depending on the sweepstakes. As a rule, this involves liking and commenting on a post on a social media channel. The participants themselves are responsible for the accuracy of their information, including contact details. All personal details must be provided truthfully in order to participate in the competition and its processing. Otherwise, an exclusion according to point two of these conditions may occur. Only responses received by the deadline specified in the competition call can be considered for participation.
Multiple participation in a single competition is excluded.
5) How will the winners be determined and informed about their winnings?
The winners will be determined purely at random from all entries. Following the draw, the winners will be informed of their winnings by private message on the respective platform. 
By participating in the competition, the respective person agrees that his or her name may be mentioned on the company's own website as well as on the company's own social media channels. In addition, ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is entitled to transmit the contact details of the winners to any cooperation partners for the delivery of the prize. 
6) What happens if the winners do not get in touch after being notified of the prize?
If winners cannot be contacted due to their privacy settings or if they do not get back to us within 3 weeks from the date of notification by the same means as used for notification, the claim to a prize will be forfeited. If necessary, another winner will be selected from all participants. The same applies in the event that winners provide incorrect contact details and it is therefore not possible to send or hand over the prize.

7. what is raffled?
A prize defined in the raffle call will be raffled.
The item presented as a prize in the raffle or the room depicted is not necessarily identical to the prize. Rather, there may be deviations with regard to model, color, size, or the like.
If a voucher is raffled, it can be redeemed upon request and subject to availability.
A cash payment, payment in kind or exchange of the prize or any replacement prize is not possible.
The legal process is excluded.
If the prize is a travel or stay prize, the settlement will take place, unless otherwise agreed, in direct contact between the winner and ABH Besucherhaus GmbH. If no travel date is specified in the competition, then the date for the trip is reserved solely for ABH Besucherhaus GmbH. A claim to a specific travel date does not exist in any case. As of the confirmation of the trip by the hotel, the travel conditions of the hotel apply. Travel to and from the PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity Hamburg will be at the expense of the winner, unless otherwise stated for the respective competition or expressly agreed otherwise.
The same applies to all costs incurred during the trip (e.g. bicycle rental, etc.). The value of the trip in the draw is subject to seasonal variations, depending on the time of provision and use of the trip. Compensation for this difference in value is excluded.
8) How is the prize transmitted?
Unless otherwise stated in writing in the personal communication with the winner, the winner must collect the prize from the PIERDREI Hotel within 14 working days.
Address data will only be stored by the winner(s) and will only be used to send the prize. No address data will be passed on to third parties.
The participants are responsible for the correctness of the contact data provided.
9. reservation clause
ABH Besucherhaus GmbH reserves the right to adjust, change or cancel the competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons, if the need arises. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH will make use of this possibility in particular if, for technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and / or software) or for legal reasons, proper execution of the game cannot be guaranteed.
10 Liability
ABH Besucherhaus GmbH shall be released from all obligations upon delivery of the prize, unless an earlier point in time results from these regulations. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is not liable for material defects and/or defects of title in the prizes donated by the cooperation partner. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is not liable for the insolvency of a cooperation partner and the resulting consequences for the implementation and execution of the competition. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is only liable for damages caused by ABH Besucherhaus GmbH or one of its vicarious agents intentionally or through gross negligence or through the violation of cardinal obligations. This does not apply to damages caused by injury to life, body and / or health. The limitation of liability applies in particular to damages caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission of data or similar, in the event of malfunctions of the technical equipment or service, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses. In the case of travel winnings, ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is furthermore not liable for the consequences of a justified change in the travel offer. The possibility of payment of the travel value is excluded. Contributions posted and published by third parties on the social media channels of PIERDREI Hotel in connection with PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity Hamburg competitions may not contain insults, false facts, violations of competition, trademark or copyright law. The user:s are liable for any legal violations. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is not liable for such violations. ABH Besucherhaus GmbH is entitled to remove or have removed any or such illegal contributions.

11. data protection provisions
In the context of a respective competition, ABH Besucherhaus GmbH undertakes to comply with all applicable data protection regulations. Personal data or address data will neither be passed on nor sold to uninvolved third parties. The personal data of the respective raffle participants will be processed exclusively for the respective raffle. The right to revoke a data protection consent remains unaffected. Following the competition, the personal data of all participants will be routinely deleted.
General information on the processing of personal data by ABH Besucherhaus GmbH can be found in our Privacy Policy HERE.
12. miscellaneous
Winning claims cannot be transferred or assigned to individual persons.
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union are exclusively applicable. Should individual provisions of the conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected. They shall be replaced by an appropriate provision that comes closest to the purpose of the invalid provision. These Terms of Use may be amended by ABH Besucherhaus GmbH at any time without separate notification. 
13. exemption from Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.
Our sweepstakes are in no way connected to Instagram, Facebook or other platforms. They are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by them.
All provided information about the sweepstakes of PIERDREI Hotel are received by ABH Besucherhaus GmbH and in cooperation with various partners (cooperation partners), not by Instagram / Facebook / other platforms.

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