Retro Coco


View of the interior of the camper RETRO Coco with small table and extended bed, stickers in retro style and retro decoration
View from the pulled out bed into the camper RETRO Coco with small table, stickers in retro style and retro decoration
View of table and chill lounge in camper RETRO Coco
Sanitary area in Hamburg shared by all campers

Retro Coco

Packed with things from the good old days, our RETRO COCO makes every analogue heart beat faster. Portable radio recorder including cassettes. Have a good trip back to the 80s!


Like all our Cocos, the RETRO is a real design gem - a place full of surprises where loving details are just waiting to be discovered.

With a three-part skyroof running from the front to the rear, our caravans provide unimagined perspectives. While the bright interior ambience delights during the day, there's a clear view of the starry sky from the bed at night. In our Cocos, the most beautiful dreams are already included in the price. And even non-stargazers won't be left out in the cold - they will find their favourite programme on the 32-inch flat screen. The rear lounge is transformed into a cosy bed in no time at all, and the small snack corner with bistro table is perfect for a long breakfast or a private happy hour.


So you can dare to live!

Detailaufnahme einer kleinen Nische mit Retro Radio im
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